Dream Date  - Isaac,Taylor,Zac - 1997 - Fantasy

A short story the first one I ever wrote about Hanson, just a fantasy dream date

Hanson: An American Dream   - Isaac,Taylor,Zac - 1998 - Fantasy

Beth is a normal fan who gets randomly picked to be a part of the hanson family crew for a few days

You Never Know   - Isaac,Taylor,Zac - 2000 - Romance 

A story about love,lust and lessons in life - Walker and Diana let the boys expeirence life and learn from their mistakes. Find out what happens when Zac learns he's going to be a father at 14 and Taylor's relationship with a fan that he met on tour becomes very serious too soon, will everything be alright or will reality break them down?

A Heart To Follow  -Isaac,Taylor,Zac  - 2000 - Romance

What happens when Ike,Tay and Zac's relationships get too serious? - Paula is hired for a Massage Therepist job and goes on tour with the Hanson family, she's allowed to bring one friend so she chooses her best friend Beth, soon relationships blossom between Taylor, Zac and the girls. Isaac is having girl problems so Paula introduces him to her friend Michelle, a deadly car accident almost takes the lives of Taylor, Zac and Beth. Beth ends up with amnesia, how will Zac deal with the fact that Beth can't remember anything about him or their relationship? Michelle cheats on Isaac, then finds out she is pregnant how will he deal with the fact that the child might not even be his? Taylor develops a cocaine problem will he win the fight or die trying? Will everyone come out ok in the end or will all the relationships end in disaster?

In Pictures  -Zac - 2000 - Drama

This story is about a glint in Zac's eye ~ his troubled life and how he overcomes his problem - After a one night stand Zac learns that he is going to be a young teen father he turns to the only thing he thinks is solving the problem...alcohol, will he stop before it kills him or lose the only important things in his life?

When I Say Goodbye  -Taylor - 2000 - Drama

This story is about Taylor losing someone very close to him

Real Love  -Taylor - 2000 - Drama

Taylor's girlfriend left for a trip and didn't come back, but one day years later he found her again and something he never knew. How will he cope when he finds and loses that special something?

Simple Kind Of Life  -Taylor, Zac - 2000 - Romance, Comedy

A cute little story. Zac and Taylor tell their daughters how they met their mothers and fell in love with them and the little girls even asked how and when their daddys found out about them.

Save Me A Star  -Zac - 2000 - Drama

After Beth tells Zac that she is pregnant he doesn't believe her and thinks she cheated on him so he goes out and cheats on her, it winds up costing him alot more that what that one night stand was worth

A Ship Of Dreams  -Taylor, Zac -2001 - Romanctic Drama

Zac is going on a cruise, at the last minute Taylor decides to go with him. What happens when they meet the girls they have been waiting their whole lives for on a ship of dreams

 Center Stage  -Taylor -2001-Nonfiction

A short story about Taylor's fame from his girlfriends point of view

One Woman's Hero -Taylor -2001 - Drama

When Taylor ran into the burning house he never expected to become a hero

Blue Roses With Love  -Zac -2001-Romance

Zac shows his undying love for Beth in an unusually romantic way

I Love You And I'll Never Let Go  -Taylor, Zac -2001 - Romantic Drama

An old face with a secret from Taylor's past comes back to haunt him and he loses the whole thing that started it all

Look At That Star In The Sky -Taylor, Zac - 2001-Romantic Drama (The sequel to " I Love You And I'll Never Let Go")

Paula's spirit visits to reassure Taylor, Beth and Zac

 A Glittering Moon  -Zac -2001 - Drama

Zac cheats on his girlfriend Beth while she is away on a trip, will Beth ever forgive him?

 All My Love To You  -Taylor -2001 - Drama

Taylor writes a touching love letter to his wife before he passes away

 A Locket Full Of Secrets  -Zac -2001- Drama

If this gold locket could talk it would tell many tales

 Dreams Of Love  -Taylor,Zac - 2001 - Romantic Drama

Paula and Beth go shopping for a few hours, When Paula comes back she can't find Taylor and Beth goes into labor, will everything turn out in the end?

 In My Heart Forever  -Taylor -2001 - Romatic Drama

It was love at first site for Paula and Taylor, then Taylor is diagnoised with a rare form of cancer. Will love endure everything and still come out strong?

 Bitter Blood Between Brothers  -Isaac,Zac -2001 - Thriller

Isaac has feelings for Zac's girlfriend will he tell her how he feels? and what will happen if Zac finds out what's going on?

 I Love The Way You Love Me  -Zac - 2001 -Drama

Beth breaks off her relationship with Zac. Will they ever get back together? even for the sake of their child?

 A Wish About Trading Places  -Taylor, Zac -2001 - Fantasy

Best friends Beth and Paula make a wish to trade places with their favorite band Hanson, now they are the famous band and Isaac, Taylor and Zac are the fans. How will the girls handle success and the admirations between themselves,Zac and Taylor

 Fallen Angels  -Zac -2001 -Romance

Beth and Zac share a romantic moment over a sweetened love song on a hot summer day

 Love Separated By War  -Zac - 2001-Romantic Drama

A vintage love story. Zac is an army soldier who gets shipped overseas to fight in the Vietnam war, will Beth and Zac ever be the same after the war?

 Standing In The Shadows  -Zac -2001 - Drama

Beth gets a chance to spend one night with her long time crush. After learning some shocking news Beth is afraid to confront Zac about her secret so she writes down all her feelings in a diary. Will Zac ever find out the secret?

 I'm Already There  -Taylor -2001- Romance

Taylor is on the road touring and he misses his wife and kids.Taylor's son misses him the most so Taylor reasures him that he is already there but he just doesn't realize it

 Holding Her And Loving You  -Zac -2001 -Romance

Zac has a wife and a lover, what happens when the two girls cross paths and find out about each other and their love for the same man?

 That Ain't My Truck  -Taylor, Zac - 2001 - Romance

Val holds the affections of two brothers Tay and Zac. She can't have both so who's heart will she break?

 One Boy, One Girl  -Taylor - 2001 - Romance

 Taylor is set up on a blind date. When he met Ashley it was love at first site. Will it stay that way or will it all fall apart?

 My Heart Is In Your Hands  - Taylor -2001 - Romance

Val left Taylor for another man, when Val trys to get back together with Taylor will he ever take her back? Is there even any love left between them?

 With You In Your Heart  - Zac, Taylor, Isaac - 2001 - Romance

What does Zac do after a one night stand with a stranger conceives a child he doesn't find out about until a year later. How does Taylor handle a quick fling that developed into so much more and how does Isaac handle losing his childhood sweetheart

 I Wanna Be Bad  -Isaac, Taylor, Zac -2001 -Spanking

What happens when Ike, Tay and Zac's girlfriends decide to surprize the boys with some old fashion spankings with a twist

 From This Moment On  -Taylor - 2001 -Romance

Jenny was so in love with Taylor, after their first one night stand they had their love child which Jenny shielded Taylor from scandel so she never told him about their son, will Jenny and Taylor ever find their way together?

Then He Kissed Me  -Isaac, Taylor, Zac -2001 - Comedy

Val decides to go to a community dance with her friends and meets her true love there, will all work out or flop in the end?

 The Tears Of An Eagle  -Isaac, Taylor, Zac -2001 -Drama

A story based around the events of September 11th, 2001

 One Headlight  -Zac, Taylor -2001 - Drama

Zac can't wait to start driving. Taylor is his driving teacher, will Zac keep the car in one piece?

 Just Like Daddy  - Taylor -2001 - Drama

Taylor is incarcerated on death row after he was framed for murder, will Taylor's son ever be just like him when he grows up?

 The Ritual Of Throwing Black Cats  -Isaac, Taylor, Zac -2001 -Comedy

After a Holloween party Val and Zac get the brainstorm to throw cats and a few other things

 Best Of Intentions  -Zac, Taylor -2001 -Drama

Zac is jail for killing his girlfriend and Taylor is the only one left in the family that he can talk to about what he did and how sorry he really was for all the pain he had caused for everyone

 His Innocence Lost  -Taylor -2001 -Drama

Taylor was kidnapped when he was 7, will he ever be reunited with his real family?

 Perfectly Unclear  - Isaac -2001 -Drama

Isaac goes out on a first date with Val. A little two much alcohol impairs some judgements and a child is conceived,what will happen between Val and Isaac?

 How To Be A Hanson Fan And Not Get Killed Doing It  -Isaac, Taylor, Zac -2001 -Thriller

Hanson fans are dropping dead like flies will they find the killer before it's too late?

 One Love  -Taylor -2001 -Romance

Taylor and Val seem to have luck of the ones but will it always be that way?

 I Promise You A Better Tomarrow  -Taylor -2001 -Drama -Unfinished

Taylor loves his wife very much but he doesn't know how much longer he can handle her physical and mental abuse before he gives up on trying to help Val change and lets their relationship go forever.

 It's All About Tay  -Zac, Taylor - 2001 -Comedy

Zac wants to know what it's like to be Taylor so one day he decides to find out and it's nothing like he expected

 Married To A Rockstar  -Taylor -2001 - Drama

Beth and Taylor are both famous musicians can they still have their careers and a good marriage too?

 The Hanson Mansion Hauntings  -Taylor -2001 - Drama - Unfinished

Taylor is a lonely spirit who roams around his mansion searching for his wife and daughter who were killed in a fire at the mansion

 Beyond The Image  -Isaac, Taylor, Zac -2001 - Drama - Unfinished

Isaac, Taylor and Zac's daughters want to be musicians just like their fathers. Will they be just as successful or flop trying?

 When My Brown Eyes Turned Blue  -Zac -2001 - Drama

It has been a few years since Hanson broke up and Zac is taking it the hardest he shut his whole family out of his life, he has become moody and very secretive towards his new girlfriend Beth who has no idea who he once was, Zac becomes abusive towards Beth. Will she stay with him hoping he will change or leave him in the dust?

 Someone New Between Me And You  -Taylor, Zac -2002 - Romantic Drama -Unfinished

Beth and Val fall in love with two guys they laid eyes on at a party, but will love at first sight break up Beth and Val's long term relationships they were already involved in?

 That  Night  -Taylor - 2002 - Drama - Unfinished

Taylor is a wild rocker, livin' it up with alot of partying and one night stands, one day someone leaves a baby girl on the Hansons front porch. Is the baby Taylor's? and will he find out who Zoe's mother is in time before it's too late?

 Without You My Life Is Nothing  -Taylor, Zac -2002 - Romantic Drama -Unfinished

Taylor decides to have an affair with his wife's sister who happens to be married to Zac will Jenny and Zac find out about Beth and Taylor's illicit affair before it's too late and it breaks up both marriages or will Beth and Taylor always be secret lovers with a deep family secret?

 In The Garden Of Hope -Taylor -2002 - Romantic Drama

Jenny's dying wish to Taylor

 Unforgettable Times  -Taylor - 2002 - Mpreg Drama

Taylor gets pregnant but doesn't know who did it to him

 Night  Screams  -Taylor, Isaac, Zac - 2002 -Thriller

A Hanson Holloween Possession

 Playground  Phooey  -Zac, Taylor,Isaac -2002 - Spanking Drama

A cute little story about the Hanson's when they were younger

 Taylor Is A Punk Rocker -Taylor -2002 -Drama

Taylor meets and gets the chance to jam with 1970's punk rocker Joey Ramone

 Last Kiss -Zac -2002 -Drama

Zac's girlfriend dies in a car accident on a rainy night

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