No Time Left To Regret - Joe, Kevin - 2009 - Drama  - Multi Chapter - Unfinished  

After only being together for one night, Joe's girlfriend gets pregnant. How do they both handle this unexpected life changing event. Will their relationship make it through and will they ever be a real family? Or will the bumps in the road tear them apart....

Just A Flash Photograph - Nick - 2009 - Romance, Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished   

Paparazzi will always be apart of Nick's life and in his family's life. Find out how Nick and his wife juggle family, fame and flashbacks of when they were dating!

Yesterday's A Memory - Nick - 2009 - Romance - Multi Chapter - Finished

Beth wakes up in a future she doesn't recognize, married to a high school crush who didn't even know she existed back then. How will she get back to her origional time to make this future she's expierencing a reality and not just a dream.

When My Brown Eyes Turned Blue - Nick - 2009 - Abusive Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished   

It's been years since Nick and his brothers left the spotlight. He's bitter and has distanced himself from everyone in his family. He finds comfort in a girl but is very secretive about his past. Will his abusive ways cost him more than his bitterness did?

Night Screams - Joe - 2009 - Thriller - One Shot - Finished

A Jonas Brothers Possession Horror

When I Say Goodbye- Joe - 2009 - Drama - One Shot - Finished (May be rewritten and made into a multi chapter story)

Joe loses someone very close to him.

In Pictures- Nick - 2009 - Drama -One Shot - Finished  (Needs to be rewritten)

After a one night stand Nick learns that he is going to be a young teen father he turns to the only thing he thinks is solving the problem...alcohol, will he stop before it kills him or lose the only important things in his life?

Blue Roses With Love- Nick - 2009 - Romance - One Shot - Finished

Nick shows his love in an unusually romantic way.

Wedding Day Disaster- Kevin, Danielle - 2009 - Romance, Humor - One Shot - Finished

It's Kevin and Danielle's wedding day. It's supposted to be a perfect day, nothing can go wrong.... or so it seems. Read what happens when Kevin and Danielle's perfect day becomes a wedding day disaster.

Beyond The Image- Kevin, Joe, Nick - 2009 - Family, Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished  

This is a story about the lives of the three eldest Jonas daughters and their struggle to make it as rockstars just like their fathers did, would they make it or die trying?

All Roads Lead Me Back- Joe, Nick - 2009 - Romance, Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished   

One day I'll take the road that leads me back to the arms of the man I really loved all along

Secret Life Of A Jonas- Nick - 2009 - Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished   

Nick leaves Horace Mantis Acadamy and goes to Ulysses S. Grant High School. Private school has kicked him and his girlfriend out because he got her pregnant and the school felt it would be a bad example if they both stayed at Horace. Nick befriends new teen father Ricky and Amy makes friends with the new pregnant girl Beth. (Secret Life Of The American Teenager / Jonas Brothers Crossover Fic)

Until There Was You- Nick - 2009 - Romance, Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished  

Nick and Joe meet two girls who are trying to escape a bad life. Could Nick and Joe show them a better future?

Best Of Intentions- Joe, Nick - 2009 - Drama - Multi Chapter - Unfinished  

Joe's in prison and Nick is the only one who hasn't abandoned his brother.

Baby Love- Nick - 2009 - Drama - One Shot - Finished

Nick becomes a first time father (written for Christina)

Labor Of Love- Joe - 2009 - Drama - One Shot - Finished 

Joe becomes a father (written for Christina)

Labor Pains- Kevin - 2009 - Drama - One Shot - Finished

Kevin becomes a first time father (written for Christina)

Lost In Love- Joe - 2009 - Romance, Drama - One Shot- Finished 

Joe and Jen are the perfect couple, until a twist of fate threatens everything they ever had together. (written for Jen)

Luck Of The Ones- Nick - 2009 - Romance - One Shot - Finished

Nick and his wife Jen have always had the luck of the ones. (written for Jen)

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