This is a story about the lives of the three eldest Jonas daughters and their struggle to make it as rockstars just like their fathers did, would they make it or die trying?

Hi my name is Jenny and I am the daughter of a famous musician, my father is Joe Jonas. A long time ago he was a teen idol loved by millions of screaming girls, as he and my Uncles Kevin and Nick got older they changed and their music changed. Then the idea of settling down and having a family and just taking a long needed break from the music industry was slowly taking place.

My Uncle Nick was the first to act on this idea, he had been with Aunt Miley for many years, they met on Dad's bands first US tour called The Best Of Both Worlds tour, Aunt Miley was also a singer at the time, she called herself Hannah Montana. I remember Uncle Nick saying it was love at first sight for him. Seeing Miley for the first time just playing her guitar up there on that stage, she once said that she had a thing for guy guitarists. Well I think my Uncle Nick has a thing for girl guitarists cause they've stayed together for all these years and still playing their guitars and preforming locally whenever they can. They raised my 2 cousins Nick and Beth.

My Uncle Kevin was the second to be married although all those times he swore he'd be the first one married out of all of his siblings. Uncle Nick the romantic actually beat him to it.

Uncle Kevin met this really excentric fan named Scarlett, she was a flaming redhead, I think the red hair actually ate away at her mind cause she went crazy years later and wound up driving her car off a cliff and drowned. It all started when she had been trying since she was a teenager to get together with this other musician that was in a boyband, I think his name was Taylor Hanson but he rejected her. Then she discovered my Dad Joe and Taylor was a distant memory or so everyone thought. My Dad was very in love with my mom Lindsey and she was pregnant with me at the time, of course after me, my parents had my twin brothers - Joseph and Jacob. The night Scarlett died she had just come back from a visit with Taylor as she ritually did every week as if he was going to just one day magically change his mind about her, wisk her into his arms kiss her passionatly and runaway into the sunset with her but like all the times before he rejected her. She was so hurt and devastated that she just ended her life that night.

Scarlett just had to find someway into our family. So she decided to date the only member of the family that wasn't too young or taken which was Uncle Kevin. I feel sorry for my other cousins that she left behind Christina and Taylor. They have had a hard time dealing with her death and that crazy obsession she had with Taylor Hanson. No wonder she wanted to name my cousin Taylor, it was after him but she always denied it. You could tell that Scarlett just needed something of Taylor to hang onto, if it wasn't him in the flesh at least she had someone to love with his name.

As all of the Third generation of Jonas kids grew up music was always running through our veins all of us were actively involved with church choir and learning some sort of musicial instrument. One day as me and my cousins Emily, Christina and Beth were hanging out as we always did on a Saterday night. We got the idea to start our own band. We figured if our Dad's could do it so couldn't we, so that marked the beginning of a new chapter in all of our lives, we never knew how it was going to turn out or end up but we were all willing to sacrifice something important in our lives just to find out, just like our Dad's did before us and they seemed to make it ok. But we wanted to find out for ourselves, be a rock and roll band that played their own instruments and wrote our own songs but the question on all of our minds was - were we good enough? well we were going to find that out soon.....

Chapter 1

-Jennyís POV-

"Letís see movies, chips, candy, drinks. Looks like I have everything for our Saturday night sleep over. " I said to myself.

"Sweetheart I think you at least need something from the major food groups." My dad said walking into the living room with two boxes of pizza.

"I knew I forgot something." I said sarcastically.

"You girls have fun but please try not to break anything this time."

"Dad that was accident, besides it was Bethís fault it was her idea to have a pillow fight."

"Yes but who was the one who broke the lamp."


"Exactly. No pillow fights this time."

"Okay dad I promise."

"I was in the music room today and I found this." My dad said holding up my journal.


"What? I didnít look at it I promise."

"I sure hope not. Thatís personal." I said snatching my journal from his hands.

"You do know that I love you right?"

"Of course dad and I love you."

"Iím just saying some day somebody will love you too."

"Dad! You said you didnít read it!"

"Sweetie Iím sorry. I couldnít help it. Why didnít you tell me that you wrote songs?"

"Because I donít."

"Well it looks like you do. Do you have music as well?"


"Let me see."

"No dad! Besides my songs are not even that good."


Saved by the bell. I ran to the front door and opened it. Beth and Christina were standing there full of DVDS and junk food.

"Hey guys come on in!"

We sat around the living room, watching movies and eating food.

"So guys guess what my dad bought me?" Christina said.

"What?" Beth said with a mouth full of pizza.

"A new Gibson guitar!"

"No way!" We both said.

"Yep its black and red."

"Thatís awesome. I have been trying to convince my dad to buy me a new one." I said.

"Yeah Dad and I were out shopping yesterday and I asked him and he said yes."

"That is so cool. Oh guess what? My Dad found my lyric journal."

"What did he say?" Christina said.

"Nothing. Just that they were good."

"Thatís cool."

"You know I have been thinking that maybe we should start a band."

"Me too!" Christina said excitedly.

"Yeah! What do you think Beth?"

"I donít know guys."

"Beth, it would be so much fun." I said.

"Yeah me and you on guitar and Jen as lead." Christina stated.

"Me lead?"

"Yeah Jen you are the most outgoing just like your dad but I think it would be great for you to play guitar as well. Even piano and drums. "

"Aww thanks Christina. Yeah it would be so much fun and we are all talented. Come on Beth."

"Yeah come on Beth." Christina chimed in.

"What would we even call ourselves The Jonas Cousins?" Beth said laughing.

"Or just Jonas." Christina said.

"We can think of that later. So do you really want to do this."

"You know we have been singing since we were born. Especially you Jen."

"Yeah Christina is right. I think it would be great to create music and perform."

"If our dads can do it why canít we right?"

"Right!" They both said in unison.

"This is going to be so cool. I guess we can tell our dads tomorrow."

That night I couldnít sleep. I was so excited. I donít know about Christina or Beth but singing is my passion. I know we can make this happen.

Chapter 2

-Jennyís POV-

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I saw that Beth and Christina were already up. I washed up and made my way downstairs.

"Morning sweetie. I made your favorite." My mom said from the stove.

"Chocolate Chip waffles. Awesome!"

"I donít know how you and your father can eat them."

"Because they are so good." My dad and I said laughing.

We ate breakfast and waited for Uncle Nick and Kevin to pick up the girls. Last night we decided to tell our dads about us wanting to be in a band. I knew they wouldnít object but I was still nervous.

"Girls, your dads are here." My mom yelled from downstairs.

We walked downstairs and found Uncle Nick, Kevin and dad sitting in the living room, while my mom and brothers were in the kitchen cleaning up.

"Did you girls have a good sleepover?" Uncle Kevin asked

"Yep!" All three of us said.

"Actually we wanted to talk to you guys about something." I said sitting down next to my dad.

"Sure what is it girls." Uncle Nick said.

"Well we were thinkingÖ" Beth started to say.

"Yes Beth." Uncle Nick said.

"Well what Beth is trying to say. Is that we were thinking ofÖ" Christina tried her hand at explaining their plan

"Christina whatever it is you can tell me." Uncle Kevin said.

"We want to start on our own band." I blurted out.

I looked at my dad and he was smiling. As well as Uncle Nick and Kevin.

"Girls thatís great!" Uncle Nick said hugging Beth.

"Really?" Beth asked.

"Of course. All three of you are very talented." Uncle Kevin said hugging Christina.

"Yeah Jennifer. I think it is a great idea. Keeping music in the family. Plus you are a talented songwriter." My dad said smiling at me and giving me a hug.

"You write songs Jennifer?" Uncle Nick asked.

"Not really." Jenny replied

"Please. Yes she does and they are great." Christina said excitedly.

"I guess we can talk to some record companies tomorrow and see what we can make happen." Uncle Nick said.

"First we have to talk to your mothers and see what they think, but I doubt they will object." Uncle Kevin said.

"I can see it the headlines now. Music lives on in Jonas household. Jonas daughters rise to fame."

"Dad! I donít think it will be that easy."

"Well no matter what happens. We all love you girls very much and we will be there for you every step of the way." My dad said giving me a kiss on my cheek.

Chapter 3