Today's the's my wedding and I am about to marry the love of my life, Kevin. After months of planning and stressing over this special day, I need everything to go perfectly or I'm afraid I am going to be bald by the time this day is over with. I never realized all the work that goes into planning a wedding until I went through it. The guest list was the biggest problem. Kevin and I each come from a large family and it was tough narrowing down who to invite, we ever got into a few arguements. Next was the color scheme I wanted blue and he wanted green, those colors clash really bad and I hate the color green but I'd never tell Kevin that. We managed to agree on aqua it was as close to green as I was going to get. The day started early, too early. Anything that could go wrong did.

I was pacing back and forth in the dressing room of the reception hall with my hair in curlers. Nick's date who was also one of my bridesmaid's came into the room.

"Hey, almost time for you to become Mrs. Kevin Jonas" said Beth

"Have the flowers arrived yet?" I asked nervously


"The caterer?"


"The photographer?"


"The cake?"


"The music?"

"No, I only saw Kevin and Nick"

"They aren't the music....wait, where's Joe?"

"Don't know, I assume he's picking up his date?"

"The rest of the wedding party?"

"No, just me, Kevin and Nick are here"

"Where is everyone?"

"They should be coming"

"I can't deal with this! Nothing's here yet and half the wedding party is missing! I can't get married with only you, me, Kevin and Nick. That's not in the planner! Joe as the Best Man and Jen as Maid Of Honor are in the planner but you and Nick as Best Man and Maid Of Honor is not in my planner!"

"Ok, somebody's stressing out"

"I'm not stressing out, I'm calm, this is good, it will all work itself out" I said walking around the room fanning myself with my hands.

Then Denise came in.

"How are you holding up?"


"You don't look it"

"I'm not! Mom, nothing's here yet and I am freaking out! I told those people to be here at certain times and are they here at those certain times? No, they're not!" My wedding day is ruined" I said plopping down in a chair and putting my face in my hands

"I know this is a very stressful day, it is for all bride's. Even I went through this"

"Did yours go as bad as mine is right now?"

"No, but things are bound to go not exactly as you planned them"

"But I wanted everything to be perfect"

"It will be. Noone else will notice the small things that do go wrong, the only ones that will know any different is you and Kevin"

"That's bad enough"

Then we heard a knock at the door, Denise went to answer it and a moment later Kevin, Sr walked into the room with her.

"Just came by to let you know the caterer showed up with the cake and the DJ is setting up"

"Why did the caterer show up with the cake? We didn't hire him to make it!" I asked freaking out

"I don't know. But it looks beautiful." Kevin, Sr replied

"That's one good thing"

"Correction, 3 good things showed up" Beth interupted

"3 down, 3 to go" I whispered under my breath

"We're going to go out and make sure everything runs smoothly. Don't worry anymore about today. I will handle it" Denise said as she rubbed my back.

"Thank you...for everything"

As we were dressing, Denise came back into the room.

"Here's the flowers" she said as she laid them out on a table

"Bout time! I never thought they would never arrive." I sighed

"Me too, I was afraid we were going to have to pick our own bouquet of weeds from the flowers I saw outside" I heard Beth say and I shot her a dirty look.

"Where are Joe and Jen? I can't believe they still aren't here yet!"

"I'm sure they are probably just caught in traffic"

"Traffic? I doubt that! They should have been here 2 hours ago! And Nick and Beth taking their places is not in my planner!"

"They may have to do, if Joe and Jen don't show up in time" Denise said trying to calm me down. It didn't last long.

"Did the photographer finally show?"

"No, he's still not here"

"How am I supposted to have a wedding photo album like everyone else without a photographer to take pictures?" I said wanting to cry

"We will find someone to take pictures, don't worry, I will be sure that you get your wedding album" Denise replied

"I just don't know how much more I can take" I said outloud as I finished getting ready.

Denise had kept her word, she took care of everything.

"Tradition calls for Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue" Denise said

"I don't think I have any of that, but I'd like to" I replied

"Well you already have something new, your wedding rings. I have Kevin's grandmother's wedding ring you can wear. That will be your something old. I will also let you wear this bracelet that my husband gave me while we were dating, so that covers your something borrowed. All we need is something blue" Denise scanned the room looking for anything blue, when she spotted a flower vase. She walked over to it and picked one blue rose from it found some scissors and cut the stem down. Placing the blue rose in my hair "And there's your something blue, it will also remind Kevin of when he first saw you on the beach 2 years ago with a flower in your hair"

A short time later I looked down at my watch and saw that it was now 5 minutes before our wedding ceremony would begin. All the guests were seated and everything I was waiting on had arrived and been set up, including the very late and almost fired photographer. Even my wedding party was finally there, except Jen and Joe still hadn't shown up.

I heard another knock at the door, followed by Kevin, Sr saying that it was time to line up for the processional.

We all walked into the hallway. I looked around nervously hoping to find Jen and Joe waiting to join the processional but they weren't there.

I turned and looked at Kevin, Sr and Denise. "Where are they? It's about to start!"

"I'm sorry they still aren't here, I will tell Nick and Beth that they are filling in" said Kevin

"But, my planner?!" I cried

"Oh, I threw it out the window and it's in the wind by now. Nothing's gone right so far, no need to keep it around" I heard Frankie snicker

"I'll have their flowers if they do show up" Denise said

Then I heard 'Canon in D' that was the wedding party's processional music I picked out. This was it, there was no turning back, I just hoped nothing else could go wrong.

I watched as Frankie, a junior groomsman and my sister Katie, a junior bridesmaid walk down the white runner to the archway of flowers Kevin and I chose to be married under in the reception hall. Then it was time for Kevin's best friend Garbo, a groomsmen and my other best friend Diana, a bridesmaid to walk down the isle. When they were halfway down the runner, I looked around again still in search of Joe and Jen. It was hopeless. They weren't coming. I don't know what they could have found better to do than attend our wedding, it was a special day and they had very special roles for Kevin and I. But I couldn't dwell on that anymore, Nick and Beth started to make their way down the runner. The Flower girl and Ring bearer Zachary and Emily started off sooner than they should have, almost at the heals of Nick and Beth. So that pushed my entrance up much sooner than I anticipated. A moment later I heard 'Here Comes The Bride'. I interlaced my arm with my father's and put on a smile, and we walked towards the alter. My father placed my hand into Kevin's, then shook his free hand. Then we both turned towards where the preist should have been standing, but there was noone there.

"Where's the minister?" I whispered to Kevin

"He had an allergic reaction to the starfish you ordered and went home sick" He whispered back

"Starfish? I didn't order any that even edible?"

"I'm not sure but it's over there on the table and they do smell good"

I cringed at the thought of what Kevin had just said. "Then who's going to marry us?" I questioned

"I am" I heard Kevin, Sr say as he approached us in his pastor robes.

Then he began the ceremony:

"We are gathered here today to join....."

Then we heard shouting "Wait! Stop the ceremony! We're here!" I turned to see Joe and Jen running towards us, wearing jumpsuits and helmets.

My mouth dropped open at the sight of them, I looked at Kevin who had a mirrored expression.

"Where were you guys? and what where you doing that required jumpsuits and helmets?" Kevin questioned

"I blame Joe, it was all his fault! He talked me into it" said Jen

"Oh these....we went sky diving" Joe replied

"Why didn't you take me with you?" Kevin asked with a hurt expression on his face at the same time I was freaking out

"Skydiving? On my wedding day? are you two crazy?! You could have died and it made you late!" I yelled

"I protest! It was Joe's fault, he wanted one more last fling before the wedding" Jen argued

"But he's not the one getting married! I am!" I said upset

"Still can't believe you forgot me!" I heard Kevin mutter

"It's ok Dani, at least they are finally here" said Denise as pinned Joe's boutinere to his jumpsuit. Then she removed Jen's helmet, gave her the bouquet, then proceeded to flatten Jen's messy hairdo so it looked somewhat decent.

"Ready?" Kevin, Sr asked after he saw Denise sit back down

"Yes" I replied

Then Kevin turned to Joe and whispered " Joe, your helmet"

Joe looked at him strangely "Yeah, what about it?"

"It's still on your head, take it off or the wedding pictures will look terrible"

"Oh right, well they don't call me danger for nothing" Joe replied as he took the helmet off and dropped it on the ground

"Let's try this again" Kevin, Sr said clearing his throat "We are gathered here today to join Danielle and Kevin in holy matramony. These nuptuals are blessed by god and if anyone here today shows just cause why these two should not be wed, please speak now or forever hold your peace." It was silent for a moment then a shreak was heard from the crowd.

"Ahhhh! I can't take this anymore! Kevin you can't marry this girl. I know someone who's much, no pun intended"

"Christina! How did you get past the security?" Nick asked

"Don't worry about that now I just need to stop this wedding from happening."

"No you don't! I have told you a million times I won't marry you. I am in love with Dani" Kevin said to Christina

"But Kevvy! I am your number one fan. I am your Macy Misa. We were meant to be together!"

"Security!" Joe yelled

As security escorted Christina off the premises all we could hear for 5 minutes was her yelling out Kevin's name and how this was supposted to be her wedding with him and how much she loved him. When it was finally quiet again, Kevin, Sr cleared his throat again.

"Round two. We are gathered here today to join Kevin and Danielle in holy matramony. These nuptuals are blessed by god and if anyone else here today shows just cause why these two should not be wed, please speak now or forever hold your peace...." - It was Silent - "Good, no more objections.... Kevin - do you take Danielle to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do" I heard those magical words as he slipped my gold wedding band onto my finger

"And do you Danielle take Kevin to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

I never even got a chance to answer. I heard a dog barking, then saw a flash of golden fur run by us.

"Oh my god! Nick what is Elvis doing here?" I yelled

"Elvis! Get back here! How did you get loose?" Nick yelled while running after his dog. Soon Joe and Kevin joined suit in trying to get control of Elvis. We all watched in horror as Elvis ran under the caterer table. Somehow the table cloth snagged on the dog collar and the tablecloth and all the food came crashing down to the ground. Nick, and Joe slipped on all the messy food and fell down. They were now covered in a variety of edibles. But they picked themselves up and continued to attempt to control the dog. He ran them in circles around all the tables and people. Trying to outsmart the dog Kevin waited by the cake table and was going to try to grab ahold of Elvis' collar when Nick and Joe chased him to Kevin's waiting position. Kevin saw them coming and crouched down, hands outstreached ready to grab Elvis. But he outsmarted Kevin and ran underneath his legs causing Kevin to lose his balance and he fell into the wedding cake. I screamed out at the sight of that happening. My beautiful cake ruined.

They were finally able to corner him. They walked back with him, while Nick had a hand in his dog collar.

"What is your dog doing here?" I asked him

"Well this is a family gathering and he is family. But I tied him up out back so he couldn't ruin the wedding"

"It's a little late for that don't you think?"

"I'm sorry Dani. I know he caused trouble" Nick looked around surveying all the damage the dog had really done "Wow, alot of trouble....bad Elvis! No treats for you!" Nick scolded the dog

"No treats for you? Nice way to scold the dog Nick!" Kevin said upset.

"I'm sorry again. Let me go tie him up again. I will be right back" Nick walked to the nearby flag pole that was in the reception's yard and double tied Elvis to the pole but gave him enough slack so he could walk around but not get loose again. When Nick came back Kevin, Sr started again.

"We are gathered here....."

Kevin interupted him "Dad, let's just get this over with, everytime you start over something happens at this rate we'll never be married. Pick up where you left of"

"Danielle do you take Kevin to be your lawfully wedded hus...."

I interupted him before he could finish "I do"

"Then by the power vested in me by the state of New Jersey, I now pronouce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride, son" and with that Kevin and I shared the kiss that sealed our future as a married couple.

"I now wish to introduce the new "Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kevin Jonas II"

Everyone cheered as we walked down the runner to our receiving line.

After we thanked all our guests in our receiving line, we made our way inside and enjoyed the reception. Thankfully nothing else went wrong the rest of the night. And by nightfall we were ready to make our exit from the reception to leave for our honeymoon, back to the first place we ever met and fell in love, that beach in the Bahamas.