Here is the list of storys that people are looking for  if you have found these storys on the net please email the link.

If you are searching for a story that you once read and would like to find it again email here and your request will be posted here.


Request One - did you ever happen to read a dirty fan fic story about Isaac and Taylor and Isaac wants to wait until he gets married to have sex but this girl didn't want to wait to have sex so one night she walks in on taylor in the living room of the hanson house watching a porno and jerking off and they wind up having sex and they don't tell Isaac about it and later in the story the girl is doing the laundry while Isaac went out to blockbuster to get a movie and her and taylor wind up having sex on the kitchen counter they almost get caught by Isaac then later in the story Isaac finally decides to do it with her and they wind up doing it outside in his backyard near a rock then later in the story Isaac finds out about her and Taylor so Isaac breaks up with her the epiloge or the end of the story ends with the girl watching etertainment tonight and the show says that Isaac has just had twins and the girl says that those could have been her kids if she didn't screw up with Isaac and the show says something about Taylor being in a car accident and something about Zac  that is all I remember about the story have you ever read it? - Beth

Request Two - I just remember it was called M2M Story and it was on a site with a couple other HanFics, it was about M2M on tour with Hanson. - Chrissy
Request Three - Hey! I am looking for a story called "So Much For Courage." It is hosted on It's maybe a couple years old.... it's about a girl named Courage and she falls for Tay and there are plot twists (it's a thriller). It is absolutely fabulous and I need it! Please help if you can :)  - A.
Request Four - One is titled "Destiny" and it is about a girl, Sarah, that lived in Pittsburgh,PA and she got involved with Taylor (PG maybe PG 13) and her parents didn't like it. Her Dad, I believe, got a new job in Phoenix, AZ and they were to move. It was an unfinished chapter story. I know it was a page. - Crystal
Request Five - The second story I am looking for is a short story about Taylor also. His Mom was pregnant with Zoe and was having a craving, I beleive for pickles. Taylor walked to the store and on the way back, he saw a 16  year old girl in the alley. He approached her and found out that she went to a party and a guy raped her and she got pregnant. Because of this and her critical lying, her parents didn't beleive her and through her out. When the baby was born, she named her Jordan Taylor because Taylor Hanson was such an insperation to her. - Crystal